Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Update on the Born In My Heart Auction

We are hearing rumblings that the grand total for the auction may well be over $22,000.00. Hallelujah!! We will give you the final totals when they are officially in. Children will live because of these acts of love.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The LWB Born In My Heart Auction Has Ended.

The Love Without Boundaries Born In My Heart Auction on eBay has now ended. We will let you know how successful it was as soon as the figures are tallied. We are happy to report that we donated the three images shown here from our trip to China last November. We hope that the successful bidders will enjoy their purchase, and we are grateful that the monies received by LWB will save the lives of some children. Thanks to all who donated and all who purchased.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Born in My Heart Auction

The Love Without Boundaries Born in My Heart Auction is NOW underway with 350 items for sale including 3 photographic images that we donated from our trip to China. Check out the auction using the link below. Bid 'em up to help orphaned children in China! All of the items are donated and every penny goes to help fund heart surgeries for Chinese orphans. The auction runs through April 28 so bid, bid, bid!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Clare Squared

Just a fun picture we took tonight of Clare and her reflection.

The End of a Wonderful Day

Brycie and Paige found a Kildeer nest on a gravel drive. Look closely and you can see the four eggs. As we left a typical Oklahoma Spring storm rolled in. As we were nearly home the storm was over and all that was left were the gorgeous clouds and a hint of a rainbow (on the lower right portion of the top photo).


To conclude a wonderful day at Clare's Godparent's home, we celebrated with S'mores! Yum!

Pretty China Girls

Enjoy the photos of two beautiful little China girls. These are photos of Clare and Mary.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Clare at the Fishin' Hole

The Keithly's have a wonderful pond east of their home where we all went fishing on Saturday. The fish weren't biting, but it really didn't matter. We had a great time.

Joe Keithly is a dedicated fisherman. Harris Keithly is not.

Jim with his fly rod having fun.

Three happy kids at a pond.

You can tell that Kent has daughters. Look at the 3 foot Disney Princess fishing pole. Real men fish with pink fishing poles. Kent, you are one tough dude.

Here we are strung out along the bank.

Clare giving it a try.

Clare and the Potbellied Pigs

On Saturday, April 18, we went to Enid, Oklahoma, to the rural home of Clare's Godparents, Kent and Paige Keithly. Among other "critters" they have two potbellied pigs named Goodness and Mercy. We had so much fun that we will have to break up our photos into categories.

Goodness Keithly getting her belly scratched. This is as close as Clare got to either of the pigs.

Oh, my Goodness!!!

Jim is a pig lover from way back.

A face only a mother could love.

Goodness getting some more lovin' from mother Keithly.

A mother-daughter heart-to-heart talk.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Clare Visits Auntie Di

After school today Mama and Daddy took Clare to see Auntie Di. Our dear friend, Diane Culbertson, is proprietor of Sacred Relics, which is the most fabulous place for miles around to purchase religious art, icons, relics, antiques and books. When Clare arrived home, Auntie Di gave her a beautiful Rosary bracelet with antique beads, a Catholic book, The Genesis of It All, about the Creation story, and a book, Praying In Color. Thank you so much. We love you. And, by the way, Happy Birthday!!!

Auntie Di and Clare

Clare writing her name in English and Chinese.

Clare writing her name in Chinese.

Clare Goes To Villa Teresa Catholic School

We are excited to announce that Clare began school today at Villa Teresa Catholic School. This school is located here in Oklahoma City and is run by Carmelite nuns. It is for children from pre-school through fourth grade. It is very important to us that Clare receive a Catholic education and we feel that Villa Teresa will be a wonderful beginning for her. When Clare arrived in Oklahoma from China last November we had all the adjustment and language issues to deal with, along with her health issues. Clare had the opportunity to jump right into a learning environment at Abundant Life home school run by Miss Linda. We will be forever grateful to Miss Linda for the great start she gave our little Clare, but we now feel that Clare is ready to take the next step. Thank you Miss Linda.

Villa Teresa campus

This is what you get to see in a Catholic school. Thank you, Jesus.

This is Clare's new teacher, Miss Mary.

Miss Mary introduces Clare to another student.

Clare, Mama, and Villa Teresa secretary.

Here we go.

A new start for Clare.

Clare and Miss Linda.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Brycie's OCU Law Review Banquet 2009

On March 27, 2009, I was honored to join Brycie in attending the Oklahoma City University School of Law banquet honoring the OCU Law Review editors and staff. They publish a law review journal which is circulated to law schools, law firms, law libraries, banks, corporations, and government entities worldwide. The journal publishes scholarly articles, notes and comments, and is very helpful in researching highly specialized areas of the law. Most law schools publish a law review journal. In 2008 Brycie was honored by having her law review article published. Quite an accomplishment, I must say. Brycie won't brag on herself, but I sure don't mind bragging on her. I am extremely proud of her. In mid-May, Brycie will graduate with honors from OCU School of Law and will sit for the Oklahoma Bar Exam in July.

My wonderful wife, Brycie. She is also a fabulous mother. Just ask Clare.

Brycie receiving her award as Staff Editor from Dean Lawrence Hellman, Dean of OCU School of Law and Professor Vicki MacDougall, Law Review Faculty Advisor

This is one of Brycie's dear friends, Julia Dittberner, receiving her award as Resource Editor. Brycie met Julia during the summer before they began law school in 2006. They became, and have remained, great friends, and both will graduate at the top of their class.

Dean Hellman introducing the guest speaker

The guest speaker was Honorable Debbie Barnes, one of the justices on the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals. She graduated number one in her class from OCU School of Law in the 1980's.