Saturday, May 30, 2009

Clare "Flexes" and Shows Off

On our photo shoot of Clare last weekend, Clare decided to show us her muscles. So, here they are . . . . ! ! !

Monday, May 25, 2009

Clare's First Real "Photo Shoot"

Sunday was a day we have been looking forward to since long before Clare came home. We are both amateur photographers and have long awaited the day when we could take some photographs of sweet Clare (not just on-the-go snapshots). We took Clare on Sunday afternoon to a snowcone stand near our home and to the Botanical Gardens and Bricktown in downtown Oklahoma City with several changes of clothes, and spent the afternoon having the time of our lives. Please enjoy the "fruits."

Friday, May 22, 2009

Brycie Graduates From Law School!!!

May 16 was a momentous day for Brycie - GRADUATION FROM LAW SCHOOL!!! We would like for those of you who follow our blog to enjoy some photos from Brycie's big day.

Brycie with Bill and Sue Bowlby. Bill and Sue are wonderful friends. They were so very helpful as we traveled through the adoption process. They have a precious little girl from China
whose name is Claire. Before we knew the Bowlbys, we watched them (enviously) across the aisle at Church for many months. We had begun the adoption process and enjoyed watching them interact with their Claire. We did not know their child's name at the time, so we (privately) called her "Clare," since that was the name we had chosen for our child. Lo and behold - her name really was "Claire" - just spelled with an "i." Go figure!!!

Brycie with Julia. Julia was the first person Brycie met during the summer before law school began. They became, and have remained, great friends. Best wishes on the Bar Exam, Julia.

Brycie and Allesan. Allesan has also been a dear friend since the beginning of law school. Brycie had the honor and privilege this year to be Allesan's sponsor as she took her studies to join the Catholic Church. Allesan was confirmed at the Easter Vigil in April. Congratulations, Allesan. Best wishes on the Bar Exam.

Brycie and her kids - Clare, Drake, Drew, and Marina. Brycie graduated from law school on Saturday, May 16, and Marina graduated from high school on May 17. Marina was one of the class valedictorians. Congratulations, Marina. We will have a special post for Marina soon. She plans to attend Wichita State University to become a registered nurse.

Brycie with her brother, Bryan, from Ft. Worth, her dad, Keith, and her step mother, Terrie, from Guymon, Oklahoma. Thanks for your love and support.

Brycie with our neighbors and great friends, the Ventrescas - Angelo, Sandra, and Daniela. Thank you for being our friends. Oh, by the way, Angelo makes great homemade beer -- and, he shares.

Brycie and her mom, Patricia, from Georgetown, Texas. MeMe has followed Brycie's law school career closely, and we thank you for your loving care.

I just couldn't resist putting this picture in the blog. Clay is proud of his lovely wife, Shyla, as well he should be. Best wishes on the Bar Exam, Shyla.

Brycie and Kyle Jones. Brycie has had most of her classes with Kyle and they have been good buddies since the first day. Best wishes on the Bar Exam, Kyle.

Brycie at the beginning of the graduation ceremony.

Brycie marching in.

Chief Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange, of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma. She was the graduation speaker.

Tom McDaniel, President of Oklahoma City University, addresses the graduates.

The processional and recessional music was provided by The Pipes and Drums of the Highlanders of OKC Since 1958.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Brycie's OCU Awards Ceremony and After Party

On Friday, May 15, Brycie attended the awards ceremony and party for the law school graduates. The party was held at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. The law school had exclusive use of the museum for the evening which included hors d'oeuvres and drinks and free access to all the art exhibits. A caricature artist was there doing free caricatures. A wonderful evening until the "downpour." The Oklahoma skies opened up and rained and rained and rained. Finally, Jim had to run for the car about 200 yards away. We will know soon if his wool suit will recover.

The Goldstar building at Oklahoma City University.

Part of the fabulous Chihuly glass exhibit.

We enjoyed a string quartet.

Julia nibbling on a cookie (plus a plate full of stuff).

Brycie, her mom, Patricia, and Julia.

Brycie and good friend Josh Sanders from California.

Clare with her plate full of stuff. Looks like Julia helped fill her plate.

Clare and Tom (Allesan's husband).

Clare and Allesan.

Clay and Shyla Dwyer. Shyla is one of Brycie's law school friends. She also has an engineering degree. She's a smart one.

Shyla with her caricature.

Clare and Brycie posing for our family caricature. The artist is Robert Lange. His father, Jim Lange, was the political cartoonist for The Daily Oklahoman newspaper for many, many years.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Strollin' Through The Neighborhood

When the weather is nice we enjoy a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood. Come along with us and enjoy the "stroll."

Pretty Clare hugging the tree.

Clare stuck out on a limb.

Clare makes the girls march in step. We don't always stroll. And, you have to step over the cracks in the street.

Just a little "pretty."

In the 'hood.

Clematis climbing over the mailbox.

Clare loves Daniela.

Chattin' on the curb.

Sometimes we just have to throw in a picture of Jim.