Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Considering adoption? Consider a special needs child from China!

Clare was a "waiting child" as was Hutson Benedict, our 11-year-old-soon-to-be-son who waits for us in Beijing, China. What a blessing from God!!!

Meet More of Clare's Family

Here are some images from the Hutson Family Reunion held last weekend in Ft. Worth. Clare got to meet a lot of cousins and aunts and uncles (from Brycie's paternal grandmother's side of the family).

Brycie and her two beautiful daughters, Marina and Clare.

Marina is a real beauty. She is a freshman at Wichita State University.

"Granterrie" This gal can put a party together in a split second. We are always amazed at how effortless it is for Terrie to host a party. When we had Clare's baptism a few weeks ago, Terrie and Keith came to celebrate with us. We had planned a brunch after Mass, and honestly thought we had it all together. Then, things started happening and Jim was in a "tizzy". Terrie stepped in and calmly got everything in order. Thanks, Terrie.

Brycie's handsome son, Drake. Watch out girls, he's available.

Mia is giving her "Papa" a back rub at the reunion.

This is Morgen, handsome little son of Sean and Audra. Sean is Terrie's son, and Brycie's stepbrother.

Sweet Audra and Morgen.

This is Sean, who is Granterrie's son and Brycie's stepbrother.

Papa (Brycie's dad, Keith)

Brycie's son Drew, doing what Drew does best (next to basketball and baseball).

Brycie's brother, Bryan, from Ft. Worth. The kids call him "Uncle Bubba". Clare really loves him and enjoys the time she gets to spend with him.

Our Little Mermaid

Clare had a wonderful time last weekend. She got to attend her very first "Hutson Family Reunion." Brycie's paternal grandmother was a Hutson, and they have gathered together for years and years to celebrate. This year the reunion was in Ft. Worth, Texas, and Clare got to enjoy swimming with her sister, Marina, and her cousin, Mia.

Two beautiful girls enjoying "sisterhood."

Clare and her cousin, Mia.

Clare leaping into the "drink" with Marina close by to rescue her.

Another leap into the pool after dark.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Clare and Carson

Last night Clare's niece, Carson, came over to visit. They spent the evening watching High School Musical 2 and 3. They danced and ate spaghetti; they ate watermelon and beef jerky; they ate watermelon slushies and drank Sprite. They played with their American Girl dolls (Amy and Kit). They wanted popcorn, but Jim wouldn't fix any. Basically, they ruled the roost from 6:00 p.m. until midnight. Jim was kinda on his own with the girls because Brycie and neighbor Sandra went to see Rick Springfield, and re-live the 80's. Who would go out in 105 degree weather and watch a 60 year old "rocker"? Answer -- Brycie and Sandra and a whole bunch of other crazy women. The next post will be for all you Rick Springfield fans.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Clare's First Fourth of July - 2009

Today was Clare's first Fourth of July, and we had a great time. The day started with a children's parade in our neighborhood, then a neighborhood picnic at the swimming pool. After that, Clare and her mama and daddy went to Bricktown to enjoy the festivities and the fireworks. We ate supper at Abuelo's, and wandered around Bricktown. Then - here came the rain. We took cover at Starbucks and enjoyed a grande Americano, then decided to come on home. The Lord blessed us with a half inch of rain to cool the atmosphere and break the heat wave. Brycie just informed me that Clare has had nine July 4ths, this is her first Independence Day.

Miss Chinese American Girl

With Liberty and Justice For All

God Bless the USA

Tacos at Abuelo's in Bricktown. Let me tell you, that Clare can eat.

Old Glory in Bricktown

Mama and Clare in Bricktown

Clare trying to hoist the watermelon. Couldn't quite make it. That girl loves watermelon.

Our little mermaid

Clare loves the water (and it was dang cold)

Clare and 'Ela

Clare and 'Ela again

Leaping into the drink

Showin' off her tattoos

Wet girl

Mama and Clare riding their double bike along with 'Ela in the neighborhood parade to the pool